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All-Season Cotton Spandex fabric [Heart Ring]

All-Season Cotton Spandex fabric [Heart Ring]

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Cotton Spandex fabric [Heart Ring]

Product Code : innk0052

(no pattern)
Fabric without pattern design.
Material, color and size are the same.

◾ Basic Information

Thread Thickness : 40s Combed Yarn
Composition : 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Size : 90 x 150(cm)/Yard, Fixed Width: 150cm (58"~60")
Weight : 300~350g/Yard
Seasonality : All Seasons
Recommended item
- Spring/Fall/Winter: Indoor clothes, pajamas
- Summer: outdoor clothes

       MD Comment

      This fabric is independently planned, designed, and produced by THE INNK for clothing use.
      It features high-quality cotton yarn, providing a luxurious softness, and the inclusion of 5% spandex yarn enhances elasticity and resilience. Primarily,
      it is used in the production of children's clothing, pajamas, leggings, and other items where high activity and comfort are essential.


      • If you purchase 2 yards or more, it will be shipped without cutting.
      • Since the fabric is cut by hand according to the ordered size, there may be a 1-2cm difference.
      • Due to the nature of cotton-spandex fabric, there may be some curling at the fabric's edges, which is a natural occurrence.
      • The raw material may have a slight odor of strong dye. In this case, airing the fabric in the shade for a few hours or lightly washing it once will eliminate the smell.

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