Our Brand

THE INNKis a specialized knit fabric brand renowned for innovative design and high-quality materials. We lead in setting new trends, leveraging our extensive experience and expertise to independently plan, design, and produce fabrics.

Our story emanates from a passion and dedication to providing customers with unique and beautiful knit products. THE INNK's designs are creative, contemporary, and crafted with elegance, offering wearers a distinctive style and comfort.

In addition to excellent quality and design, we prioritize the customer experience. For those contemplating fabric purchases, we provide an affordable sample purchase service, allowing individuals to directly experience and evaluate the quality and diversity of our products.

THE INNK strives to offer high-quality knit products to customers worldwide, and our brand story is always brimming with an unwavering pursuit of innovation and quality.

Most Important Value

High Quality Service

With over 20 years of expertise distributing textiles in Dongdaemun, Korea, our brand stands as a seasoned group specializing in fabric. Operating production facilities and extensive warehouses in Gyeonggi Province, we have been consistently delivering high-quality products to numerous brands and individual consumers. Rooted in years of self-produced fabric distribution, we prioritize customer needs, providing dedicated and top-tier service based on the knowledge amassed by our experts.

Harmless Fabric

Our brand specializes in selling fabrics suitable for children with sensitive skin, offering comfortable indoor wear, pajamas, and activewear for students and pets. Particularly popular in the children's clothing market, we prioritize fabric safety, avoiding harmful fluorescent brighteners during production. Apart from essential colors like white and fluorescent hues, our fabrics are safe for children to wear, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Reasonable Price

Our company oversees the entire fabric production system, including yarn and dye manufacturing, allowing us to supply high-quality fabrics more affordably compared to typical online fabric retailers that outsource their production. If you perceive prices on other online platforms as expensive, especially for retail due to high international shipping costs, we recommend wholesale purchasing for businesses operating on a larger scale. Utilizing our fabrics for your business provides the opportunity to experience quality materials at a more reasonable price.

Fast Distribution Network

Our brand operates every aspect of the business, from planning and design to production, storage, distribution, and operation, allowing for immediate responses upon receiving orders. With the ability to swiftly address various customer needs, whether for urgent fabric requests or detailed inquiries, our comprehensive and direct approach ensures a stable partnership for both your business and hobby needs. We maintain a professional and prompt service to support the stability of your business and leisure activities.

Main Business

  • 1. Online E-commerce Sales

    THE INNK is a fabric brand specializing in high-quality t-shirts and leggings, distributing its products through its own online store and various e-commerce platforms

    Marketplace Sites
    NAVER (KR)
    Q10 JAPAN

  • 2. Bulk Purchase Wholesale

    Our brand boasts a wealth of experience in both manufacturing and directly distributing yarns and fabrics over an extended period. For customers interested in bulk purchases, we invite you to select the most convenient method from the options provided below for a seamless buying experience.

    Wholesale-only online site

    Contact Wholesale Manager

  • 3. Fabric Manufacturing Commissioned Business

    Our brand operates a fabric outsourcing manufacturing business that not only produces exclusive fabrics but also caters to the diverse needs of apparel companies. We specialize in contract manufacturing of a variety of fabrics using cotton, such as t-shirts, leggings, and indoor wear. If your company is in need, feel free to reach out to our manager for more information and seamless collaboration.

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