FAQ 01

Can I purchase fabric samples?

Sample purchase is available.
THE INNK sells palm-sized sculpture samples at low shipping costs and prices.
If you want to experience the actual fabric first and purchase the amount you need, we recommend purchasing a sample piece of fabric.

FAQ 02

What are the main items you can make?

The fabric sold at THE INNK is mainly good for making T-shirts, leggings, tops and bottoms,
and loungewear. Because most fabrics with good elasticity are sold
It is not suitable for making jackets, suit pants, suit shirts, and suit dresses that do not require elasticity.

FAQ 03

Is the fabric safe for children to wear?

The main clients of THE INNK include children's clothing brands, indoor clothing brands, and pet clothing brands. While certain colors (such as white and fluorescent colors) unavoidably contain fluorescent whitening agents due to their color characteristics, we manufacture and sell fabrics in the majority of colors without the addition of fluorescent whitening agents, ensuring safety for children. As evidence of our commitment, many children's clothing brands in Korea use THE INNK fabrics to make clothes and obtain the national Child Safety Certification Mark (KC Certification Mark) for trouble-free sales.

FAQ 04

I need a large piece of fabric, so I purchased 3 pieces. Will the fabric be cut and delivered one at a time?

Because we cut according to the quantity ordered, orders of 2 or more of each option will be delivered connected as 1 piece rather than cut one by one.
You can use the fabric you have received by cutting it to suit your needs.

Buyer: KIM
Purchase options: All-Season Cotton Spandex fabric [Wilson] / 1465 mint color / 3 pieces
- 1 size: 90cm x 150cm (fixed width 150cm)
* Fabric delivered to KIM is 1 piece, 270cm x 150cm

FAQ 05

I would like to see clothing samples made from the fabric.

We will guide you to a page where you can check the reviews of actual buyers of THE INNK.
Please click the button below!

FAQ 06

How long does it take for delivery?

It is shipped worldwide on Tuesdays and Thursdays and takes about 2 days to be delivered to the airline, and the total delivery time until completion may vary by country.
Please check the shipping policy for details.

FAQ 07

I want to buy in bulk! Can I purchase at wholesale price?

You can purchase it at wholesale price.
A site for customers wishing to purchase in bulk will be opened on March 31.
If you would like to purchase in bulk before then, please contact THE INNK manager by email or through chat at the bottom of the site, and we will assist you promptly.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!